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Artisanal goat cheese

Artisanal goat cheese

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Publicado 18 de Julio / 22:17hs
Provincia Barcelona

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Goats of Elvo

Artisanal goat cheese

Products exclusively from our breeding

Processed and raw natural seasoned in the cellar.


The Albertana is a family farm run by farmer direct, located 800 metres altitude on the Biella Alps on 10 hectares of pasture certificate biological ..

Rods, Robiole, pyramids and Hearts of Stone

Processing: Adding milk milked the two seroinsertion. Acidification at room temperature and coagulation with a omba rennet for about 24 hours. Sgrondo serum directly into moulds. Salting other after 24 hours.

After the formation of the 'skin' of the cheese Geotricum are spolverati and covered the surface with:

1) mild herbs or individual;

2) pomace of passito;

3) cumin Alp (kummel);

4) turmeric -saffron;

5) coal plant;
And other aromas according to season and inventiveness of the moment. Packed with film and branded ...
2. Tomette paste presamic semicotta washed rind

Details of the purchase and shipment

Our production is limited, spread over the entire year and is sent by courier reaching across Italy, the centre-north in a little more than 10/12 hours, or served in our restaurant, the weekend.


Shipments standards, polystyrene boxes and cardboard, containing about 10 kg or 6 kg for the small box.

Prices are on average around € 20/22 and depend on the availability, quantity and the consistency and frequency with which our customers renew orders.

Our clients are mostly high-level restaurants or delis Primary, which in some cases redistribute our products.

Direct sales in the company.

Contaci: 339.7286111 SIG mauro Albertini

Tahir 3392570488